Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018 – Guidance for small unmanned aircraft users

The CAA in the UK has issued new Guidance to be adhered to by drone operators in the UK.

Some articles (parts) of the amendment come into force on 30 July 2018, but others take a further 16 months, coming into force on 30 November 2019.

Effective from 30 July 2018

  • A 400 ft operating height limitation for all small unmanned aircraft
  • A new limitation on the closest distance that small unmanned aircraft weighing 7 kg or less may be flown near specific types of aerodrome
  • Changes to terminology with the introduction of the terms ‘remote pilot’ and ‘SUA operator’ in place of the previously-used term ‘person in charge’
  • Minor corrections to the ANO 2016 to provide clarification or to correct previous errors

Effective from 30 November 2019

  • A requirement for the registration of SUA operators
  • A requirement for the competency of remote pilots to be tested

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