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ViDstudios is Tucson's premier source for professional aerial drone photography & video services.

TerraLogic Sustainable Solutions

Our main goal at TerraLogic is to make our client’s life easier when it comes to sustainable construction, which allows them to concentrate on other important program or project issues.

Soundview Aerial Photography

Dan Crowell, sole proprietor of Soundview Aerial Photography, has been capturing award-winning aerial photos of the Pacific Northwest since 1987.

Skyris Imaging

Skyris Imaging™ is a full-service drone photography, aerial video, imaging & GIS company dedicated to informing decision makers with actionable data. Our fleet of 16+ aerial photography platforms allow us to provide you with the images you need, when you need them, at an affordable price.

Realtime Aerial

Realtime Aerial will provide near-live aerial drone photography and videography services for your real estate listings, technical projects, construction projects, private or public parties, sporting events, or any event you would like photographed from a unique perspective. Contact us today for a free, no hassle quote.

Rapid Aerial LLC

Rapid Aerial LLC is a Boise, Idaho owned and based Aerial imagery provider.

Using some of the latest unmanned aerial vehicle technology, we can provide breath taking aerial photos and thrilling aerial video. Combine that with some of the most advanced photogrammetry software available and we can provide incredibly accurate 3D maps, orthomosaics, infastructure inspections, and crop health surveys.

PSA Imaging

PSA Imaging specializes in low altitude aerial photography, 4K/6K cinema quality ground & aerial filming and professional video production services. From architecture and development view study imaging to ground & aerial time-lapse, ground & aerial 360 panoramas and turnkey video capture & editing.

Phoenix Drone Services

Since 2011, Phoenix Drone Services has been utilizing FPV (First Person View) technology to do aerial videography, photography, construction site monitoring and civil engineering like it has never been done before. The services we offer can take you places you’ve never been or provide a new perspective on those you already love, a perspective that couldn’t be achieved even from a private charter plane or helicopter tour.

Northern California Aerial Photography

Full service aerial photography and video, based in Rio Vista, serving central and northern California; residential, industrial, agricultural, real estate, site planing, construction, environmental monitoring and aerial surveys. We offer oblique and true vertical photography with the latest high resolution digital aerial cameras.

Redfox Visual

Video is the ultimate marketing tool, no matter your industry, because of its remarkable ability to engage audiences, drive lead conversion, and boost sales. Video is also the most cost effective form of advertising because it produces more conversions than any other form of marketing content.