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Vern Whitten Photography

I've been involved in aviation and aerial photography for nearly 40 years. From the lakes of Wisconsin and Minnesota, to the stunning Badlands of North Dakota, it's a real privilege to fly over our region and capture images from a unique perspective.

We'd like to share with you some of our latest photography.

—Vern Whitten

Surdex Corporation

Surdex provides digital orthophotography, GIS basemapping, and LiDAR services to the public and private sector, developing mapping solutions and data management for economic and industrial development, land use, planning, emergency response systems, resource management, tax assessment, and health and human services.


New advances in drone technology have created great opportunities for businesses and professionals. What was once seen before as impossible or highly expensive is now achievable on a relatively small budget. Aerial photography and video can now be practically leveraged for new and unique applications. Whether it is stunning aerial photography or captivating aerial video, it is a fresh new medium that you can benefit. Real estate, business, venues, construction, inspection, and surveying are just some of the industries that we help boost.

Prange Aerial Photography

PRANGE Aerial Photography offers custom photography services as well as a selection of images from our library of stock photos for Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

Jon Blumb Aerial Photography

A photographer from Aerial Photography by Jon Blumb is ready to help you with any project you may have in mind. We're highly experienced in working in a variety of settings in the Kansas City region.

We'll listen carefully to you as you describe what types of images you'd like, and we'll give you our best efforts during each stage of the photography process.

Dakota Drone Aerial Photography

Aerial video and photography has brought an entirely fresh approach to real estate marketing. Equipped with cutting edge technology, it brings never before seen views to your property through an exciting new method of marketing. I cover views from just hovering above the ground, to the horizon, and everything in between.

Dakota Aerials

The mission of Dakota Aerials is to offer clients aerial images that truly capture the finest reproduction of the subject property.

BBasham Aerial Photography

Businesses can use aerial photography for marketing and branding. Take a look at your competitors websites and printed marketing material and notice the lack of aerial photography. Aerial photos of your project gets attention and helps you standout from your competition.

Aerialscapes Inc.

Aerialscapes provides comprehensive commercial aerial photography services throughout Chicago, Milwaukee, and the rest of Illinois, Wisconsin and the United States. When your images matter, call Aerialscapes.

Aerial Services Inc.

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) is an integrated team of professionals providing premier Aerial Acquisition, Digital Ortho, Vector Mapping, Terrain & LiDAR services to government, utilities, engineers, and other geospatial clients.