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Louisiana Helicam

Welcome to Louisiana Helicam, the Gulf Coast region's most diverse UAV aerial photography and video company! We have over 11 years of professional unmanned aerial systems experience and are ready to help you to document and showcase your property or project.

LA CopterCam

LA coptercam is a Louisiana Drone Video and Film company that technically started over seven years ago. When the vision of providing high production value at low cost through radio control planes and helicopters became a viable and realistic option for the entertainment and real estate industries.

Aerial Vid

ffordable Louisiana based Aerial Video, Photography and Production Company. One great feature is aerial video footage.

Aerial Imagery LA

Aerial Imagery has been taking pictures since 2008. In 2013 alone, Aerial Imagery has delivered over 3000 images to more than 18 different clients. One client receives over 60-100 images every week. Not one week has been missed due to bad weather or equipment problems.