Pricing is in £ GBP / € Euro / $ US as applicable. VAT charged if applicable. All rates are for a 12 Months period from the date of payment.

The Aerial Photography Directory is happy to accept adverts on this website. Your Options are:

Advertising your Photography Services

The Aerial Photography Directory is a totally open Directory of Aerial Photographers. There is a small Annual fee but, once paid, prospective clients can contact you directly. We do not hide your details nor take a commission on any Bookings, unlike some Directories.

Starting at £30 / €40 / $US 50 per year it is a small cost – one lead will pay for a couple of year’s registration fee.

If your Country / State / Region is not listed, don’t worry as we will add it when we receive your completed Form. That works to your advantage as you will be the only one listed in that area to start with!

Aerial Photography Provider Pricing:

Your listing will appear in searches at Region and State/County level (where applicable). If you want to appear in more than one Region or State/County you can pay an additional Annual fee.

  • 1 Region and 1 State/County: £30 / €40 / $US 50 per year – This is the default entry level listing if you select just one State / County
    • e.g. United States ⇒ Western Region ⇒ California $US 50 per year
  • Additional States/Counties in same Region: £30 / €40 / $US 50 per year per additional State / County
    • e.g. United States ⇒ Western Region ⇒ California  $US 50 per year
      United States ⇒ Western Region ⇒ California and Nevada $US 100 per year
      United States ⇒ Western Region ⇒ California and Nevada and Montana  $US 150 per year etc.
  • All States/Counties in one Region: £150 / €200 / $US 250 per year
    • e.g. United States ⇒ Western Region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) $US 250 per year
  • Additional complete Regions: £150 / €200 / $US 250 per year per additional Region
    • e.g. United States ⇒ Western Region $US 250 per year
      United States ⇒ Western Region and Midwest $US 500 per year

Links page

  • Commercial Organisations: £75 + vat / €90 / $100 per year
  • Related Charities and non-profit organisations: Free, but you need to provide a reciprocal link (see below) for the duration of the advert back to the Aerial Photography Directory Home Page before the advert is accepted. Requirements – Name of organisation, up to 100 words description and your choice of link to your landing page.

General information

  • All links to be Aerial Photography and ancillary Businesses based in some form or other.
  • As more links are added, you will be categorised more accurately so that visitors can find you more quickly. We will choose your category and advise you if it changes. If you would prefer an alternative category, just ask.
  • All adverts are for a minimum of 1 year, payable in full in advance. We will get in touch with you at the end of the year to see if you wish to continue the advert.
  • All adverts will be displayed alphaetically by Supplier name.
  • Acceptance of any advert is entirely at our discretion.

Reciprocal Link information

Text Aerial Photography Directory
Link Title TAG Aerial Photography Directory
Link http://www.AerialPhotography.Directory/
Target your choice
Sample code <a title=”Aerial Photography Directory” href=”http://www.AerialPhotography.Directory/”><strong>Aerial Photography Directory</a>